I designed custom stationery to commemorate my graduation from Cal Poly and to recognize the incredible past 4 years I've spent exploring SLO and the Central Coast. These cards are dual purposed- they can be used as decor and are a thank you to the amazing friends, family, and supporters who have been a part of my college experience.
The Concept
I wanted this project to serve as an extension of the Sticker Pack I sent to friends during the pandemic. I wanted to keep the same minimal design aesthetic and maintain a similar color palette. I had a couple of interesting concept ideas: designing a map, a tourist postcard, and even a landscape illustration. I wanted something more modular that could showcase many of my favorite places and memories of SLO. I was researching vintage SLO memorabilia when I came across this eBay listing for a1930s stamp of Mission San Luis Obispo. That one photo was the inspiration for the rest of the project.
Design Process
This design started out as a list I brainstormed of potential stamp ideas. Some were straightforward (a shell for shell beach? groundbreaking!). Others were more personal, for example - Hidden Kitchen in Cayucos is my favorite restaurant on the Central Coast, so I had to feature their blue corn waffle! I then roughly sketched out each concept and narrowed options. The designs needed to be communicated without too many colors or detail in order to maintain a consistent visual aesthetic. Once I was happy with the group of stamps I started drawing out each design. I pulled reference photos from the internet and tried to communicate each idea as simply as possible. I wanted to be as meticulous as possible with symmetry, alignment, and layout in contrast with the organic and freeform drawings.
The Final Design
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