Spinfluence is a business concept for a micro-influencer platform that I co-created at the DVC Business Summer Institute. Our team placed 1st overall in the business pitch competition. I was responsible for the graphic and UI design, competitive analysis, and financial projections. Below is the pitch deck we used in the competition.
Influencers are individuals with a dedicated internet following. With the rise of content marketing on social media, more and more companies are turning to influencers to promote their brands, products, and services.
Major influencers are too expensive, don't target a specific industry, and have too broad of an audience geographically for the majority of smaller businesses. Major businesses choose to only partner with large scale influencers, leaving the majority of the influencer market untapped. 
The solution is Spinfluence: a micro influencer marketplace designed to connect small businesses to small influencers.
Micro-Influencers reach a more targeted audience making them the perfect partners for small businesses. Spinfluence is the perfect tool to connect the two parties together.
The Spinfluence platform allows business owners to sort through micro-influencer profiles, and filter by industry, platform, location, and metrics. This allows businesses to find the most impactful influencers for them.
Compared to our competitors, Spinfluence is the only platform that partners with both small businesses and micro-influencers.
We have 2 main streams of revenue: contracts, and premium profiles. Spinfluence takes a 10% cut from every contract form between influencers and businesses. We also offer a premium profile for micro-influencers that ranks them higher on the marketplace.
We are seeking $35,000 at a 25% stake of our company to fund the first year of operation and platform development. This will contribute to platform development, web hosting, legal fees, and employment costs.
Spinfluence is more than just another influencer platform. It's an opportunity for both small businesses and micro-influencers to bring their brand full circle.
Photos from the competition:
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