As part of the pilot Product Design course at Cal Poly, I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with AI/ML students from the University of Lucerne to develop an app in alignment with UN Sustainability Goals. Through the Spring of 2022 our multi-national team developed "Pantry Pal," a mobile app aimed at minimizing household food waste. The project allowed me to engage in the prototyping process, conduct extensive market research and gain valuable experience fostering effective communication and collaboration across cultural boundaries.
Pantry Pal App Prototype
Pantry Pal addresses a critical global issue: the staggering 931 million tons of food wasted annually, which costs the global economy about $2.6 trillion USD. Our mobile app solution aims to reduce this waste through an AI platform that tracks food inventory in real time, offers recipe suggestions based on what's available, and provides analytics on savings in terms of money, emissions, and waste. Targeting a wide user base, including busy families, budget-conscious students, and retirees looking to optimize their grocery spending, "Pantry Pal" operates on a freemium model, offering basic tracking services for free with a subscription option for premium features. This strategic approach not only aims to reduce household food waste but also streamlines grocery shopping and promotes healthier eating habits, presenting a multifaceted value proposition to potential users and investors alike.
Final Presentation
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