Beacon is a proactive, interactive safety tool for college students to feel safer and help prevent violence before it happens. Beacon was developed as a part of the Startup Deloitte Competition hosted by Deloitte Consulting in May 2021. Over the course of this 4-day innovation challenge, we were asked to propose a technology-related improvement for the Cal Poly campus. Working within a tight time frame, my team utilized design thinking, agile, and lean start-up concepts to create our concept. We were awarded the first place prize by senior leadership from Deloitte Consulting’s Technology Practice and Cal Poly faculty.
Pitch Deck
We designed the app to be easier and faster than texting. When you first open the app, you see a text-message like chat bot. Instead of typing, you select the best option from our pre-configured responses. Whether you're in a dangerous situation or under the influence, Beacon is easy and intuitive to use. The dynamic chat flow makes it simple to quickly notify emergency contacts, call or text the police. I built the prototype below using Hubspot's Chat Bot Builder.
The Team
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