Apollobox is a classroom subscription box for 1st - 3rd graders that provides affordable music and education. Each packages teach students music theory and give students access to build and play musical instruments from all over the world. Through our arts and music programming, students will hone motor skills, unleash creativity, and improve academic performance.

Apollobox was created at the Gooddler Foundation Social Impact Incubator. At this program, our team won the Judges Choice Award, and the opportunity to pitch at the Gooddler Social Impact Youth Summit.

Mockup of Apollobox packaging design for a DIY Guitar Kit

Each subscription box comes with student worksheets and curriculum introducing instrument families and music theory, craft supplies for every student to build 1-2 instruments a month, and a teacher guide including a lesson plan, craft instructions and activity ideas.  

Left: Wind Pipe Activity, Top Right: Maraca Activity, Bottom Right: Shaker Activity

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