75 Degrees and Fuzzy is a women's apparel brand with three retail locations based in Orange County. As the Director of Digital Marketing, I've worked to establish the brand's online presence by developing Shopify SEO optimization, a content marketing blog, a weekly email newsletter, and social media ad campaigns across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Additionally, I've helped the executive team build a recruitment and training program for social media influencers, brand ambassadors, and interns.
Website and SEO
I helped to implement a complete website redesign of 75's Shopify store. We choose a modular layout that would allow fast customizability to showcase our new arrivals, collections, and content. On the back end we reorganized our inventory management system, navigational hierarchy, and automated filters. I also conducted an extensive SEO audit and optimization process. This included long-tail keyword research, building out product tags, and creating a step-by-step guide for other team members to write optimized product descriptions and blog posts.
Content Management System
I built an automated content funnel using Airtable, a spreadsheet-database hybrid platform that's both visually appealing and customizable. This content dashboard has multiple views that allow team members to keep track of their projects and deadlines. I made the content calendar completely automated using Airtable's Automation feature. 7 days before the next collection launch, the base automatically generates tasks to design a week's worth of social posts, update the website content, and write a newsletter email. It also sends email notifications to each team member alerting them of new assignments.
Partner Programs
I helped design and launch three different recruitment, hiring, and onboarding programs. For social media influencers we identified influencers who fit our brand identity, pitched a partnership, and sent custom branded PR packages. Our brand ambassadors transitioned into long term partnerships from our influencer partnerships. We created a three tier commission based system to incentive our ambassadors to promote our products and drive sales. We interviewed and built an intern team to support our editorial, digital communication, and design efforts. We recruited students and promoted at several universities across California.
Social Media Strategy
We promote the 75 Degrees and Fuzzy brand on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I've also had the opportunity to use Facebook Ads Manager and Pinterest for Business to A/B test and run advertisements. Our strategy is to utilize trends and stylized photography to showcase relevant, high quality, and curated content from our design team and customers.
Email & Landing Page Design
I design the weekly newsletter and landing page for 75 Degrees and Fuzzy. I write the copy, create graphics, and launch the designs through Mailchimp and Shopify. Working on a new design each week within the same format has been a great opportunity to deep dive into A/B testing and analytics to experiment with CTAs that convert. I've learned brand new techniques, from gif animations to personalized copy. 
Use the player below to click through my most recent designs.
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